EEA-ESEM Congress

When times got weird and people needed to carry on with business, EEA's plans for hosting their annual congress (the largest economics congress in Europe) would have to change. Like many institutions, The European Economics Association (EEA) needed a sophisticated platform to host a large-scale congress.

EEA-ESEM case study 1

During lockdown, we rolled out the affectionately nicknamed 'EEA Flix' to host hundreds of research paper presentations. Many ran concurrently with several thousands of participants, eager to view video presentations online. We needed a clever and reliable approach to load balancing (using AWS infrastructure) that would ensure the platform did not fall over.

EEA-ESEM case study 2

As the pandemic abated, so the platform evolved. The ever-changing web app first went tentatively 'hybrid' and in the following year, became the core of a return to in-person congress. 2023 will mark the platform’s fourth year.

To date, EEA and DX have helped many other institutions to host congresses, through successful repurposing and adaptation of the platform.