Part of the fabric

DX Digital Ltd Team

Focused on our craft

At DX we focus on our craft because that’s what we do best. Just as highly skilled craftspeople of any profession would do. To be precise, we are team of expert web developers, not an agency. But there are similarities…

...Good agencies build brilliant relationships with their clients. We do the same, but DX/our clients have a direct relationship with legitimate experts. Jargon-free advice and dependable project management is given with the conviction of many years practical experience.

This direct approach means you avoid technical pitfalls and don't foot the bill for layered account management teams or large office spaces. We embrace the virtual and remote working culture because it helps us to focus and craft.

We get things done - it's typical that our clients feel like they have their very own web development team. They enjoy "making great things" with us and talking with craftspeople. We're confident you would too.

Agency support

A few extra stitches

Agencies are a big part of our eco-system. For the best part of two decades we’ve provided invaluable tech-resource to full service marketing agencies. We provide a bridge over web development skill gaps, or capacity issues that any agency may encounter. We're both a lifesaver and cost-saver for hard working agencies.

We can become a valuable resource to any agency that needs to deliver web development projects. Our team will help you to scale or avoid short term hires. We can pick up any aspect of a project and give you the confidence of fixed project costs.

All subcontracted agency work is produced in confidence, and excluded from our clients page. That's part of the deal.

Comfort and style

We’re proud to work with a stylish array of international clients and well known institutions. We don’t limit ourselves to a single sector, we simply look for an appropriate fit in terms of technology and objectives. Naturally, everything we produce is bespoke so that it will fit you well. We take immense pride in our work.

Size guide & fitting

First and foremost, we are careful to use the right tools for the job. We are less concerned with the name of the technology, and more about whether it will fit with you - not only now, but after a few steps ahead. Aesthetics are important to us, but we believe firmly in the design principle that form should follow function.

Much of our work involves the planning, design and development of websites and web apps. Usually around existing, established brands, but sometimes we create them too. We work with a wide range of 'open source' technologies, but have a particular fondness for PHP and Drupal (ideal for enterprise websites). Wordpress, bespoke PHP applications and API integrations are all part of our daily workout.

Web development